The Campaign Assistant tool helps you build and setup new campaigns on Search and Shopping network in few minutes.
Follow Adplify's assistance to get good performance and save time during setup.


With Adplify you have immediate visualization of data and a simple and intuitive reading.

  • Simplifies the analysis phase
  • Views metrics through charts and custom tables
  • Uploads the data instantly
  • Compares data
  • Analyzes keyword trends


Real-time analysis and response: fast and effective optimization that you have never seen before! With Adplify you can save up to 85% of the time in the analysis phase and implement the suggested optimisations with a simple click!

  • Constant support in the optimization activity
  • Real-time guidance based on your objectives
  • Freedom of choice in implementing suggestions


Get a constant monitoring of your campaigns, even when you are not connected. With automation, you can delegate several control actions to Adplify: landing pages monitoring, budgeting, keywords positioning, etc ... You decide wheter to receive just notifications or allow the platform to independently take specific actions.


Check out the upcoming releases of the platform that will make it even easier to manage the high-performance of Google Ads campaigns. Follow us on social media to stay updated.