Adplify, certified platform Google AdWords Premier, enables you to maximize campaign performance, simplifying the approach to KPI analysis and the definition of optimizations. A revolutionary tool, designed by AD certified specialists with the support of Google engineers, which facilitates and speeds up the work of Agencies, Companies and SEM Specialists.
Autonomy, effectiveness, efficiency are the keywords with which the platform has been designed and developed. The underlying automation marketing logic and algorithms identify the opportunities for optimization, guaranteeing significant time savings in collection and analysis of data.
Thanks to Adplify you can monitor and improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns in complete autonomy, assisted by the most advanced optimization tool.
How long does it take to manage a campaign? Definitely much more than what you have available. That's why, especially in the most delicate and demanding phases of monitoring and data analysis, you need a valid support. Adplify does this and much more. It helps you to identify and implement optimizations to improve campaign performance and allows you to create reports that summarize the most important information, leaving you the possibility of generateing a completely customized document. But that's not all: the platform allows you to control all linked accounts, in a single dashboard, and it is in Italian and English. Nothing more simple!
Remember that Adplify makes your job easier but never acts in complete autonomy: it offers you optimizations to be made on your accounts, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to implement the platform's suggestions.